LED Landscaping Lights - Safety & Beauty | Parks Electrical

Landscape lighting can reveal an entirely new dimension of your property and inject life into your landscape. Low-voltage lighting systems utilize minimal electricity to enhance your property at night while adding safety, security, beauty, & lifestyle. They are great for any homeowner that wants to highlight Pine trees, up-light part of the house, or brighten up a walkway.
Today’s environmentally-friendly Outdoor LED technology offers beautiful light coupled with energy savings and longevity. Consider the LED advantages:

– High efficiency – Up to 80% savings in electricity.
– Longer bulb life – Better illumination plus the ability to control light direction.
– Warm, pleasing color – Far superior to the bright white/bluish hue of previous LED technology.
– Instant on – No flicker, no delay.
– No toxic materials – Reduces your carbon footprint.
– Added durability – Operates in extreme heat and cold.
As dedicated LED landscape lighting specialists, we have the materials and installation expertise needed to make the most of today’s LED technology.